"your face is your brand"

Childhood friends Tim and Jarrett began wearing glasses in 2013. Tim out of necessity and Jarrett for accessory. Adopting the new look brought about new and unexpected changes in their social lives. Jarrett, commonly referred to as “the guy with the curly hair,” was now remembered as “the guy with the gold frames.” Tim, who would have been described as “the guy with the beard,” was now “the guy with the cool glasses.'' Their identities were now largely associated with their eyewear. Sharing those experiences inspired the friends to design their own glasses with a unique philosophy.


We believe that your face is your brand. While glasses are primarily a functional medical device, how they look and feel to others has substantial meaning and everlasting effect. With this in mind, as well as inspiration from art, music and history, Tim and Jarrett set out to develop an eyewear collection that fosters the notion that your face is your brand.